Thanks for making UFO 2 our most liked product in years. Lots of you have kindly written and thanked us for the super value and content quality in this one especially!

We have found a few last triple super deals so have offered them at the original 3 for £149 price but hurry as they won't last long. All come with the 10 card bonus set and our Ayshea Brough bonus cards!


Autograph Cards: 33 in total variants from 17+ Actors

Wanda Ventham - COl. Virginia Lake - WV1 WV2 WV3

Mike Trim - Special Effects Designer -MT1

Tessa Wyatt - Catherine Frazer - TW2 TW3

Gary Raymond - Col. John Grey - GR1 GR2

Christian Roberts - Tim Redman -CR1

Jane Merrow - Josephine Fraser - JM1 JM2 JM3

Shane Rimmer - Lt. Bill Johnson -SR1 SR2

Gary Files - Phil Wade - GF1

Derren Nesbitt - Colonel Craig Collins - DN1 DN2 DN3

Jeremy Wilkin - JW1- Lt. Gordon Maxwell (Ultra Rare 1/10)

Penny Spencer - janis - PS1 PS2

Susan Jameson - Anne Stone - SJ1 SJ2

Michael Jayston - Russell Stone - MJ1 MJ2 MJ3

Matt Zimmerman- Co-Pilot Jim - MZ1

Stephan Chase - Film Director -SC1

Gabrielle Drake - Lt. Gay Ellis - GD1 GD2 GD3

Georgina Moon -  Lt. Sylvia Howell - GM1 GM2

CUT Autos - Packed One Per Case Guaranteed.

Ed Bishop, Michael Billington , Douglas Wilmer, Peter Halliday, Robin Bailey,

Dolores Mantiz, George Cole, George Sewell, Gerry Anderson, Peter Blythe,

Phillip Madoc, Sylvia Anderson, Windsor Davies, Steven Berkoff, Jeremy Wilkin,

Christopher Timothy and many more to be announced


Sketch Artist drawing for UFO Series 2:

Graham Bleathman, Scott Fellowes, Kitty Lydia-Dye, Marcia Dye, Andy Fry, B.Jones, Clinton Yeager, Dan Curto, Jamie Richards, Paul Cowan, Westley James-Smith, Don Pedicini Jr. & Andy Bohn. More to be confirmed. 200-300 sketches across 100 cases expected.

ALL NEW "CUT" AUTOGRAPH CARDS IN THE BOXES FROM: Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Gerry Anderson, Michael Billington, Philip Madoc, Douglas Wilmer, George Cole and Many Many More!